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What is Project Triton?

Project Triton is a cryptocurrency that is revolutionizing the eSports and online streaming industries with blockchain technology through their Neptune and Proteus platforms.

What is Project Neptune?

A proprietary streamer donation application that enables viewers to donate and/or mine for the streamer or delegated charity.

What is Project Proteus?

A proprietary eSports event hosting platform that enables viewers to mine for the team or player of their choice.


Block Time: 180
Difficulty Algorithm: Difficulty-Alloy
Max Supply: 84,000,000
Algorithm: CN-Lite-V7
RPC Port: 9731
P2p Port: 9730

Explorer Dev Pool

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the preferred currency in the eSports and online content streaming industries. We will accomplish this by improving upon current mainstream products and processes that facilitate currency transactions.






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Q1 2018


Main Net Launch, 28 Feb 2018

GUI Wallet 1.0, 28 Feb

Website, 28 Feb

Explorer, 28 Feb

Pool, 28 Feb

Q2 1 2018


Project Neptune Alpha (donation/tipping platform), 3 April

PoW Algorithm Fork, 25 April

First exchange listing, 26 April

Difficulty Algorithm Fork, 29 April

GUI Wallet 2.0

Website Update

Q2 2 2018


White Paper 1.0

Project Neptune Beta

[Removed] IOS/Android Pool Monitor

Streamer Integration

Q3 2018


Mobile Wallet

Web Wallet

Proprietary PoW Algorithm (CN-TRIT)

Neptune 1.0

Project Proteus Alpha (eSports tournament hosting platform)

Additional exchanges

Streamer Integration

Q4 2018


Neptune 2.0

Project Proteus Beta

Proteus 1.0

Streamer Integration



Portfolio Apps

Triton Team

Dajuukes (Picture Soon)

JavaScript developer who specializes in backend NodeJS development. Has prior experience in crypto-related backends. Pursuing a career in cryptography.

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Brad (Picture soon)

Bradley "Brad" Neveu: Primary author of Triton business documentation and social media outreach. Brings nearly 10 years of leadership and managerial experience from the U.S. military, with a college education in business and finance.

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J.D "Jastar" Greenidge (Picture soon)

Helps grow the brand and community as the Director of Marketing. Holds a B.A. in Marketing and Communication, and brings experience from previous advisory positions on other crypto projects.

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